Topic outline

  • General

    Inclusion of Roma and Migrants in Schools: Training, Open Discussions and Youth Volunteering Activities (RoMigSc)

    Education is crucial for successful integration. Although diversity is an opportunity to make schools more inclusive, creative and open-minded, inequality in education is the highest among Roma and migrant children. Migrant and Roma often face discrimination and xenophobia. For instance, the educational achievements of these groups are in general poorer, they are more likely to drop out from compulsory education, leading to higher risks of social marginalization, to a failure to integrate, and, ultimately, to poverty, which has long-term adverse effects on the social development and economic growth of the host country. The main aim of this project is thus to support better integration of Roma and migrant children in education through various activities.


  • Theme 1

    Inclusive strategies for work in multicultural society

  • Theme 2

    Intercultural competencies

  • Theme 3

    Inclusion in Schools

  • Theme 4

    Youth Activisation - Social responsibility

  • Theme 5

    Training for volunteers: Involving volunteers in school projects

  • Theme 6

    Training for teachers: Teaching in inclusive classroom